Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JPKK are examined by the editorial team related to their suitability for scope and quality. If the editorial board has decided that your manuscript is of sufficient quality and in accordance with the scope of the journal JPKK then the manuscript will be submitted for review, JPKK using a peer-reviewed, double-blind. Double-blind peer-review is a method of peer review by a peer in a field where the identities of the reviewer and the author are hidden, so the reviewer does not know whose article he is reviewing and the author as well. To ensure this process runs, the editorial team must remove the identity of both the author and reviewer before the article is sent to the reviewer or the correspondence writer. This process will be reviewed by at least one expert in their field.

At JPKK we do our best to have the manuscript reviewed as quickly as possible, to ensure that reviewers will be asked for the results of their review (comments and suggestions) within 2 weeks. Decision making on the results of the review is carried out by the editor in chief following the category: "Accepted / Accepted with minor revisions / Major revisions / Rejected"

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