Dampak Pendidikan Formal dan Workshop Terhadap Kompetensi Wirausahawan Melalui Motivasi Pada Wirausahawan Mahasiswa

  • Rakhmat Hidayat Kurniawan
Keywords: Training, Formal Education, Entreprenur Workshop, Entrepreneur’s Competency, College Student, Entrepreneurship


This study was intended to analyze the effect of training methods such as formal education and entrepreneurial workshops on motivation and entrepreneur’s competencies. The respondents were 200 college students who had already started their own business. Datas collected by accendental sampling techniques. The results are formal education did not directly have a significant effect on entrepreneurial motivation, but had a significant direct effect on entrepreneur’s competencies. Entrepreneurial workshops have a significant direct effect on entrepreneurial motivation and entrepreneur’s competence. Entrepreneurial motivation also directly influences the competence of entrepreneurs. While the indirect relationship between entrepreneurship workshops and entrepreneur’s competencies through motivation shows a significant effect. However, the indirect relationship of formal education to entrepreneur’s competencies through motivation does not show a significant effect.